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Furniture Removal Services

Quick Furniture Removals

If you’re planning a furniture removal, look no further than our company. We specialize in furniture removals and offer customized plans to fit your specific needs and budget. Our experienced movers use the right tools and techniques to ensure your belongings are moved safely and efficiently. Trust us to make your move stress-free and seamless.

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Furniture Removals

We offer a variety of furniture removal services. These services include

furniture moves
Packing and Loading

We provide expert packing services to protect your home items and furniture during the move. With the right tools and materials, we handle everything from delicate electronics to bulky furniture. 

Long Distance Moves

Our modern fleet of trucks is equipped to transport your furniture safely and efficiently. Our drivers are highly trained and experienced in navigating busy city streets and highways, ensuring that your belongings arrive safely and on time.

Furniture Removal Services
Unloading and Unpacking

Our team will be with you every step of the way during your apartment move. Once we arrive at your new location, we will unload and unpack your items, making sure that everything is organized and placed in the proper area. 

About House Movers

Our team of professional furniture movers is committed to delivering the highest level of service and expertise. We understand that every furniture removal is unique, which is why we take the time to learn your specific needs and tailor our services accordingly. Trust us to handle your move with care and attention to detail.

Areas We Serve

Offering a wide range of moving & removals services across South Africa

Our Process

Giving you peace off mind through the entire moving process

1. Planning and preparation

In the beginning phases of your move you will need to prepare a moving inventory checklist and mark your points of collection and delivery. At House Movers we support you by guiding you through this entire process.

2. Packing

This includes gathering necessary packing materials, such as boxes, tape, and bubble wrap, and properly packing all of your belongings in preparation for the move. Our team is able to assist you with all your packing needs before your move date.

3. Loading

This step involves our team loading all of your belongings onto the moving truck, and making sure everything is secured and protected for transport

4. Transportation

This step includes our certified drivers carrying out the actual transportation of your goods from your old home to your new home.

5. Unloading

This step includes unloading all of your belongings from the moving truck and into your new home.

6. Unpacking and settling in

This includes unpacking all of your belongings and setting them up in your new home. 

Extensive fleet offering to best suit your moving needs

Fleet includes:

  • Bakkies
  • Vans
  • 1.5 Ton Trucks
  • 3 Ton Trucks
  • 6 Ton Trucks
  • 8 Ton Trucks
  • 20 Ton Trucks

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House Movers is a trusted name for moving and removals in South Africa. With years of experience and expertise, we make sure that your move is smooth and stress-free. Our professional team takes care of everything, including packing, transportation, and unpacking, to ensure a hassle-free move. Contact us today for a free quote and experience our exceptional service. Relax and focus on settling into your new home while we take care of the rest.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Preparing for a move includes creating a budget, making a moving checklist and inventory, gathering necessary documents such as a change of address form, and properly packing all of your belongings.

    Packing for a move includes gathering necessary packing materials such as boxes, tape, and bubble wrap, and properly packing all of your belongings to protect them during transport. It’s also important to label all boxes with their contents and the room they belong in for easy unpacking.

    The amount of time it takes to move furniture can vary depending on various factors such as the distance of the move, the amount of furniture being moved, and the accessibility of the locations.

    The cost of moving furniture can vary depending on several factors such as the distance of the move, the amount of furniture being moved, and any additional services required such as packing and storage. I

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